About Us

Stucco Veneziano

Our Mission is to change the way you look at walls

With Stucco Veneziano, superior design has appeared in countless restaurants, buildings, and homes across Ireland. By combining the natural artistry of our polished plaster with the skilled advice of our designers, we bring character, style and elegance to any room or location. No two projects are the same, but one thing we’ve learned is that true beauty is always within your grasp.

Stucco Venziano’s single-minded vision has always been to introduce the stunning handcrafted Venetian Plaster and Polished Plaster wall surfaces of Italy to the homes and offices of Ireland.

Marrying authenticity with originality – and working intimately with artists, architects, builders and designers – we create innovative solutions for each project we undertake.

Our distinctive finishes add a touch of elegance and drama to everything from walls and surfaces, to buildings, gardens, atriums and courtyards.

So add some ‘wow’ to your wall.  Consult with Stucco Veneziano.