Polished Plaster

Character, Style & Elegance

Stucco Veneziano polished plaster brings a distinctive look to any home or commercial development. Highly reflective, with a sense of depth that cannot be achieved with paint, polished plaster finishes are handcrafted and customised for each project. Elegant and sophisticated, polished plaster finishes are an ideal choice for statement areas such as feature walls, columns, façades, reception counters, splashbacks and entries. From a warm, natural aesthetic to a bold, dramatic polished concrete look, polished finishes bring life and personality to a space.

Polished plaster isn’t just a beautiful finish; it’s a talking point, a finish people want to reach out and touch. As design moves away from standard paint to something a little more attention-grabbing, polished finishes are appearing more regularly coupled with bespoke furniture, recycled timber, washed bricks, repurposed steel and natural textures. The versatility of polished plasters makes a wide range of different effects possible, bringing a distinctive personality to each project. From bathrooms and great rooms, to product display walls, bench tops and statement bars, the possibilities are endless when your ideas are in the hands of a creative artisan.


Polished Finishes

The right product for your project depends on a number of factors that we can guide you through. Location: Is your project located inside or outside, in a high traffic area or a wet area? Substrate: What type of wall (eg. bricks, plasterboard, etc.) will the finish be going over? Is the finish for functional or decorative purposes? Decorative finishes are for ornamental and aesthetic purposes such as interior walls, fireplace surrounds and columns. Functional areas such as bathrooms and kitchens are under constant scrutiny and thus require a very high standard of workmanship. Desired aesthetics: It is helpful to have an idea of the polish level, look sought and whether you would like it to remain consistent or patina with age.


Glass Finish

A reflective, highly polished finish, also described as a mirror finish and is the highest polish finish available.


Lustre Finish

A slight sheen or glow that reflects soft light at different angles.

Your Project

Stucco Finishes

The polished concrete look made popular by cafes and restaurants across the country is now appearing in contemporary homes and apartments. Using polished plaster to achieve a concrete look brings sophistication to this contemporary aesthetic. This look is ideal for feature walls, exterior columns, ceilings, reception areas, shop fronts and bathrooms. All you have to do is choose the finish that’s right for you.