Creative Office Design – Let’s talk walls

Ask 10 people what makes an office design great and you’ll get 10 different answers. Yes, an office must have a floor, a ceiling, and four walls (though the number four is debatable as well). But after that, there’s really no limit to how you decorate the space.

That said, some office designs are better than others. And not just better in terms of aesthetics, but better in terms of having a profound influence on your team’s creativity and productivity. And the first place to start is of course the walls. You can paint the wall in a muted tone and hope that they fade into the background and use the furnishings as the feature. Or you can use the wall itself as the focal point.

Stucco Veneziano have such a wide range of products that we can cater for you no matter what your taste. Whether you are looking for an industrial warehouse feel, a luxurious velvet wall or a traditional marble look, we have the product for you.

In our showrooms in County Longford, we have our products installed on walls in offices throughout the building. So why not pay us a visit and ignite your creativity.

Stucco Veneziano


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