Out with the old, in with the new

Spring, the season of new life and new beginnings.  The weather becomes warmer, nights become lighter and all spirits are lifted. Why not take advantage of new beginnings, and refresh your homes with Polished Plaster.

Our April mood board is all things fresh, starting off with a background of  Marmorino Classico in a light green tone.

Marmorino Classico is suitable for both interior and exterior areas, and it is possible to achieve both smooth and glossy finishes. We chose this green colour tone as green represents growth and freshness. At the bottom end of the mood board, you can see a Marmorino Classico sample in a lightly toned blue.


Marmo-Antico has great resistance to humidity and moulds, and is suitable for wet areas, so is a popular option for pool halls, shower areas and saunas.


Marmorino Venezia

Even though this sample is coloured, Marmo-Antico is equally as stunning in it’s natural state. The pink tone, as seen on this sample, is a great hue when wanting to create a calming atmosphere in your living space, due to it’s calming characteristics


stucco veneziano

To the top right of the mood board, you can see a small sample of Veined Stucco Veneziano. The modern production techniques for this product ensures workability, resistance and durability, which makes Stucco far superior to normal slaked lime.

The technique to achieve the veining effect requires much delicacy, as it is created by hand drawing strands of pigments through the plaster mix. Stucco mix is then hand trowelled on in layers and cut back to a previous layer to achieve visibility of the veins.







Stucco Veneziano


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