Acrisyl Decora

Acrisyl Decora

Acrylic-siloxane anti-mould, anti-algae granite effect exterior wall coating with sparkling crystals.

Acrisyl Decora brings a touch of luxury to your outdoor spaces. Use it on a feature wall on your patio, or as a render on the whole exterior of your house. It can also be used on interior walls to great effect. The tiny crystals embedded in Acrisyl Decora add a touch of luxury and create spectacular effects according to the lighting.

The overall effect resembles granite or natural stone and the various colours with natural tones blend well in classic or contemporary settings.

The acrylic-siloxane binder creates a protective coating that has good water vapour permeability and excellent water repellency. Highly impermeable to atmospheric pollutants and resistant to alkaline substrates. It is also suitable for decorative finishes on external insulation systems.

ACRISYL DECORA is also suitable for decorative finishes on external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS).

The consistency and formulation of the product allows the creation of many different finishes, from highly textured to slightly rough, almost smooth with a wide range of colours.

Acrisyl Decora - External Wall

Acrisyl Decora - External Wall

Acrisyl Decora - Patio area

Acrisyl Decora - Patio area

Acrisyl Decora

Colour Range

No matter which finish or effect you choose, all of our products come in a range of elegant colours to best suit the needs of your project and design. Acrisyl Decora polished plaster is available in the colours you see below.

Acrisyl Decora


• Equipment : plastic or stainless steel trowel
• Spreading capacity : 1-1.2 Kg/m² per coat
• Layers : 2
• Thinning for square trowel application : ready to use
• Resistant to mould and algae

Acrisyl Decora


Acrisyl Decora comes in two bases.  The Crystal effect has only the reflective mica, and no granite particles.  The second base is called Granito which as both the reflective mica and the granite particles.

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Our Process


At Stucco Veneziano, we boast a wide range of polished plaster products to suit any design, room or location. To help you decide which is the best choice for your project, we engage in a careful planning process.


By taking the time to outline your project requirements early in the planning process, we can guarantee the fast and efficient delivery of your Stucco Veneziano finish.


We believe that a pristine result is only guaranteed when our polished plaster is applied by experienced craftsmen. As such, our design and installation team have gathered experience working in homes and businesses across all of Ireland. This means you can expect professional service and a truly beautiful finish.

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