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Two-component microcement with improved workability | Unlimitted

Unlimitted is the new product line of two-component microcements (cement and resin) from Topciment. Its main quality is that it considerably improves the workability of the material by the applicator.

Thanks to its innovative formula, the final mechanical resistance of Unlimitted is exceptional. A two-component microcement whose decorative finishes are much smoother and smoother and which can boast extraordinary resistance to traffic.

Another of the qualities of this coating is that it reduces the burning effect resulting from the application of the material with a steel trowel. It also offers similar ductility to lime-based mortars.


Unlimitted Microbase is available in 3 granulometries: L, XL and XXL.

Unlimitted Microdeck is used as a two-component finishing microcement. This coating can be applied on all types of trafficable and non-trafficable surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Compared to Sttandard Microdeck, Unlimitted Microdeck has a smoother finish. Also, if the professional applies it with a steel trowel, he does not have to worry about the typical burnt effect, as there is no burnt effect.

When comparing the two granulometries in which Unlimitted Microdeck is available, Unlimitted Microdeck S ensures smoother finishes than its analogue Unlimmited Microdeck M. Furthermore, it dries more slowly and can be skimmed over.

Unlimitted Microdeck is available in 2 granulometries: S and M.

Efectto Quartz

Efectto Quartz

Efectto Quartz

Efectto Quartz

Efectto Quartz

Colour Range

No matter which finish or effect you choose, all of our products come in a range of elegant colours to best suit the needs of your project and design. Microcement can be mixed to a wide range of colours.





Technical characteristics

Flexural strength : 9 N/m² (28 days)
Compression resistance : 30 N/m² (28 days)
Adherence to the substrate : 1,5 N/m²
Fire resistance : BFL S1


Unlimitted Microbase L ( 2 layers) 2,0 kg/m2
Unlimitted Microbase XL ( 2 layers) 2,8 kg/m2
Unlimitted Microbase XXL ( 2 llayers) 3,4 kg/m2
Unlimitted Microdeck S (2 layers): 1,0 kg/m²
Unlimitted Microdeck M (2 layers): 2,0 kg/m²

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