Epoxy microcement for interior floors and walls

Industtrial is our exclusive product line of epoxy microcement (arid + epoxy resin). A decorative continuous coating especially for interior walls and floors. In this product we have combined the excellent performance of our microcements with the extra hardness provided by epoxy resins.

The result is a continuous coating of very high results, especially for continuous interior pavements and floors. An epoxy microcement with excellent workability and unbeatable resistance to abrasion and pedestrian traffic.

In addition, our water-based epoxy microcement Industtrial stands out for its very natural mineral finish and for its superior impermeability compared to conventional microcement systems.

Industtrial is available in 16 colours and 4 granulometries: Industtrial XL, Industtrial Base, Industtrial Medio and Industtrial Liso.

Due to the finishes offered by this epoxy microcement, we recommend using Industtrial XL and Industtrial Medio for floors and Industtrial Base and Industtrial Liso for walls. However, all four granulometries are suitable for both floors and interior walls.

Why choose Industtrial epoxy microcement?

In addition to the resistance, hardness and functionality offered by Industtrial, it is an epoxy microcement that provides the applicator with significant benefits compared to other similar products on the market.

Industtrial stands out for its high covering power. A material that can coat the substrate up to 3 and 4 times more and better than its counterparts.

In this sense, with Industtrial it is only necessary to apply a finishing coat. This is an added value compared to other products that require two coats to complete the decoration of the substrate.

It is also an epoxy microcement with outstanding workability. It is a product that can be reworked and, furthermore, in the event of making a mistake in the application, it is possible to correct it instantly. It is therefore not necessary to re-coat the entire substrate, only the affected area.

Industtrial allows the most diverse and special designs to be created. Different pigments can be combined for the different layers, creating an even more attractive finish.

Another of the main advantages of this epoxy microcement over the competition is that if imperfections are left on the substrate when sanded, they do not bleach. This is a problem that many products do have.

In the case of using Industtrial on walls, the product does not sag. Excellent adhesion without the need to add additives, as is the case with other products.

Industtrial provides greater hardness and impermeability than conventional microcements. An epoxy microcement capable of resisting abrasion, pedestrian traffic and chemical agents such as ammonia, soft drinks or coffee.

Industtrial XL is our epoxy microcement for the preparation of epoxy floors and paving. After applying this decorative continuous coating to any interior floor or screed, one coat of Industtrial Medium should be applied to complete the epoxy system.

Although Industtrial XL is intended for interior epoxy floor and wall coverings, it can also be used on walls if a specific finish is required.

Industtrial Base is our epoxy microcement preparation coating for interior wall coverings. After applying this decorative continuous coating for walls, one coat of Industtrial Liso must be applied to complete the epoxy system.

Industtrial Medio is our epoxy microcement for finishing epoxy floors and paving in interior spaces. To obtain this decorative continuous flooring, it is necessary to apply two coats of Industtrial XL beforehand.

As with Industtrial XL, although Industtrial Medio is specially designed for epoxy floors and interior flooring, it can also be applied on walls if a different finish is required.

Industtrial Liso is our epoxy microcement ideal for coating interior walls. Two coats of Industtrial Base must be applied beforehand.












Colour Range

No matter which finish or effect you choose, all of our products come in a range of elegant colours to best suit the needs of your project and design. Microcement can be mixed to a wide range of colours.





Industtrial XL floor preparation epoxy microcement characteristics

pH of Component A : 9,5 ± 1
Density :
1,65 ± 0,02 g/mL (Component A)
At 25ºC 1,16 g/mL (Component B)
0,98 ± 0,02 g/cm³ (Component C)
Total cure : 7- 14 days
Shore hardness : 80-87



The consumption of Industtrial XL epoxy microcement for interior floors and paving is: 1.40 Kg/m2 (1 coat).

The consumption of Industtrial Base epoxy microcement for preparing interior walls is: 1.20 Kg/m2 (1 coat).

The consumption of Industtrial Medio epoxy microcement for interior floors and paving is: 0.70 Kg/m2 (1 coat).

The consumption of Industtrial Liso epoxy microcement for interior walls is: 0.55 Kg/m2 (1 coat).

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