Intonachine Minerale

Intonachino Minerale

Lime based trowelled outdoor wall coating

INTONACHINO MINERALE is a lime based trowelled outdoor wall coating that gives the architecture a classic and antique flavour thanks to the characteristic effects of lime, natural material that creates a solid texture, highly breathable and timeless, in delicate colours that explore the warm and earthy tones.

Wall coating available in two variants of fine and thick grain, reminiscent of the coloured plaster of the buildings in Venice and enables to return the ancient historical buildings to their original splendour.

This element of decoration and protection gives a warm and natural feel to the house.

Intonachino Minerale - Entrance

Intonachino Minerale - Entrance

Intonachino Minerale - Pool

Intonachino Minerale - Pool

Intonachino Minerale

Colour Range

No matter which finish or effect you choose, all of our products come in a range of elegant colours to best suit the needs of your project and design. Intonachino Minerale polished plaster is available in the colours you see below.

Intonachino Minerale


Your Intonachino Minerale finish isn’t complete until you apply the perfect effect.

Stucco Veneziano

Our Process


At Stucco Veneziano, we boast a wide range of polished plaster products to suit any design, room or location. To help you decide which is the best choice for your project, we engage in a careful planning process.


By taking the time to outline your project requirements early in the planning process, we can guarantee the fast and efficient delivery of your Stucco Veneziano finish.


We believe that a pristine result is only guaranteed when our polished plaster is applied by experienced craftsmen. As such, our design and installation team have gathered experience working in homes and businesses across all of Ireland. This means you can expect professional service and a truly beautiful finish.

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