Velature is a masonry preservative for exterior and interior walls.

Siloxane decorative protective treatment with antiqued effect for exterior and interior

Velature reflects a taste in art, detail and creativity. The roughly brushed strokes of colour add depth and texture to this unique polished plaster finish, giving your walls tons of character and personality.

Velature subtly keeps itself in the background while bringing out the colour of your décor and furnishings. Piecing together an artful combination of shades and undertones, Velature makes an excellent backdrop for your living room, bedroom or external areas.

Velature is a masonry preservative for exterior and interior walls.  Soft shades enrich the facades reproducing the historic charm of historic residences, and lend themselves to warm up the interior with colour effects similar to ancient plaster. Special additives give the product excellent transpirability, together with a high level of water repellency and excellent outdoor resistance.

Velature, Hotel Lobby

Velature, Hotel Lobby

Velature, Home Office

Velature, Home Office


Colour Range

No matter which finish or effect you choose, all of our products come in a range of elegant colours to best suit the needs of your project and design. Velature polished plaster is available in the colours you see below.



Velature can be finished with various effects, antiqued, brushed, mesh, or the beautiful marble effect.

Stucco Veneziano

Our Process


At Stucco Veneziano, we boast a wide range of polished plaster products to suit any design, room or location. To help you decide which is the best choice for your project, we engage in a careful planning process.


By taking the time to outline your project requirements early in the planning process, we can guarantee the fast and efficient delivery of your Stucco Veneziano finish.


We believe that a pristine result is only guaranteed when our polished plaster is applied by experienced craftsmen. As such, our design and installation team have gathered experience working in homes and businesses across all of Ireland. This means you can expect professional service and a truly beautiful finish.

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